Bill Kristol on The Future of Conservatism and the Republican Party

A few weeks ago, I went to the Butler Board Room (above the AU basketball court) to see Bill Kristol, a neoconservative analyst and editor-at-large. There were about 60 people present, many of which were undercover progressives like me. Bill Kristol is a prominent conservative pundit and also a “Never Trumper”. Kristol’s typical policy leanings are smaller government with conservative values.

By the time the event started it had filled up a bit more.

When I heard Kristol was going to discuss the future of conservatism my ears perked up. It was a chance to hear a different point of view than my own. I was expecting a thoughtful view on strategy and tactics from an experienced veteran.

Unfortunately, I didn’t really get any of that. Instead Mr. Kristol presented mundane ‘facts’ with questionable veracity. It was noteworthy that he seemed very afraid to get anything wrong, instead choosing to add a ‘maybe’ or a ‘perhaps’ to nearly every phrase.…

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Extinction Rebellion

I walked into the basement of a church with a lot of expectations that would leave me unsettled the whole night. For background, Extinction Rebellion is a brand new group which originated in the UK but is quickly spreading to the rest of the world. Based on their attention to detail through their branding on everything from art design to font choice I was expecting to see a young generation of activists attracted by a group that was upfront with the odds we were up against and had a plan for what to do about it.

Most of the assets Extinction Rebellion commonly uses other than their logo are somewhere on here.

This made me all the more surprised when I saw the makeup of the musty room. The chairs were filled primarily by older white men. While there were a few people in their 20s the average age was probably more like 45.…

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